The company also known as Williams Interactive has definitely managed to earn its game selection the popularity they deserve. After all, the fact that this company has been in active existence and operation long before the first slot machines came to be, let alone their online counterparts, speaks volumes of its reliability and good management.

A Short Overview of the Corporate History

When viewed through the perspective of a timeline, WMS Industries was the first business entity registered back in the 1940s which produced arcades. For a time, their products managed to reach record sales, and one reason of it was the fact that the Williams Gaming division ended up promoting the company owner’s invention – the tilt effect. Once it grew to change arcades to the core, Williams Gaming faced a different opponent, consoles. Instead of choosing to challenge them, WMS abandoned that segment nearly altogether and focused on slots.

The similar concept made it easy for the company to start production of the first slot machines for land-based casino floors in the 90s, while the 2000s saw them releasing their first online versions as well.

Top Popular WMS Slots

Despite certain setbacks, and the fact that they led the company to experiencing a takeover from Scientific Games, WMS did have some of the hottest slots in the industry. Select releases have been considered all-timers, and with recent ones managing to catch up and even surpass most of the current market competitors, there are bound to be even more such slots.

- Lord of The Rings – WMS Gaming made a very tactic decision when they chose this storyline as the background theme of the same slot. Management staff perceived the Lord of the Rings’ great potential evident by the books’ existence long before the movie ever came out, and exploit it to better use. Land-based casino players are just as likely to make something out of it, considering all bonus options, promotions and free spins that this slot is programmed to return to its players.

- Star Trek – Seeing that their attempts to profit from major big screen successes has had a positive outcome, WMS Gaming did it once again, only now the final slot game product was also fit for the online casino floors. The 5-reel, 25-payline slot offers all kinds of features and thus player rewards, making it one of the top player destinations. We recommend you boldly go here to play this slot for free and stand a chance of also receiving a bonus with no deposit.

- The Price is Right – This slot game is established based upon the TV show, even though here, it’s only you up against the 5-reels and 25 payline grid of the slot machine. A number of features and bonuses have been included in its offering, but the main reason behind its massive popularity is, just as developers had hoped for, the underlying TV show theme.

Play WMS Slots Today

Despite some difficulties, WMS Gaming has managed to retain its name and all that comes with it. Even though they have been officially purchased by Scientific for a while, their current and past game offering is the best proof of their stable quality.